Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"It's Christmas, Shut up!"

YouTube - "A Merry American Christmas" by Roy Zimmerman

Merry news for all soldiers in the "War on Christmas" brigade. Santa has been released from Gitmo. Just in time to lead his communist collective of elves and reindeer, distributing free gifts to kids across the land.
Okay, so Bill O has eased up a bit on the so-called anti-Christmas paranoia. The War on Christmas may seem oh so 2005, but that hasn't stopped South Carolina Congressman Henry Brown from introducing a resolution to "protect the sanctity of Christmas." Like Congress isn't a little busy these days. Brown got all hot and bothered when he discovered the Obamas' holiday card only offered "Seasons Greetings." Sorry, Congressman, but Pres. Bush's 2008 greeting omitted "Christmas" too. So much for the liberal crusade against Christmas. With Joe Wilson, Mark Sanford and Brown, the parties (not to mention the IQs) in South Carolina must be rockin'

Then there's the American Family Association, which has been making their list. And no doubt, checking it twice. CVS and Victoria Secret are naughty. Costco and Wal-Mart are nice. The biggest target this year: The Gap. Something about turtlenecks in an array of bright colors, I guess. Actually the group-- which called for a two month boycott of all Gap stores back in November--is miffed because the company's official policy is to say, "Happy Holidays." And the Gap also gets low ho ho hos for that annoying all inclusive ad that maniacally commands: 'Go Christmas, Go Chanukah, Go Kwanza..."

Just go. And don't forget to say, "Merry Christmas," as you trample over your fellow last-minute shoppers on your quest to snag that last, coveted Zhu Zhu Pet.

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.


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