Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Grateful Bounty

With such a great response to our Halloween request shows, we are getting ready to serve up some delicious holiday treats.  Our next music show featuring your requests and dedications will air live Monday November 25 and be available thereafter for podcast throughout the holiday season-and beyond!

Send your requests-songs do not have to be Thanksgiving tunes ( only a few of those in the pop culture cupboard), but songs that bring you sheer joy, inspiration, grace and gratitude. Sound familiar? It should to anyone who listens regularly and has dipped into the creative well with us on our Inspiration to Action Challenge.

Dedications, affirmations and notes of gratitude are also welcome.

Please send your requests here or at twitter @abwrites Use the #GratefulBounty.

All requests need to be received by Friday November 22, so Trudi, Aurora and the TCS crew can load all the goodies into our Thanksgiving oven. We will have a few music shows in December for the Holiday season, too. So get set to indulge in a feast of seasonal confections.

I know I have my own grateful bounty to share this year. This show, the enthusiastic response from a loyal and growing audience is among my favorites. So thank you for being part of the success of this little ( not so) under the radar-over-the radio-rainbow experiment.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.



Sweet Pea said...

LOVE, Love, Love your show Amy Beth. So glad to have found you back on the "airwaves." So inspiring, smart and fun, too. Most of your guests are interesting, too. Some not no much-but that's how it goes. Try to play some Indigo Girls and/or Wallflowers. Thanks

Johnny Fever's hangover said...

"Mother-in-Law." by Ernie K. Doe. Glad I don;t have one anymore. Love hearing you again. Rock on, AB, riock on, baby.

Melanie said...

Love this idea. How about some Stones & Springsteen.