Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Remember the old promo line: "I want my MTV?"

For those who were around for the launch of Music Television 30 years ago, what's on that network these days doesn't resemble what was daring and revolutionary back then.

While the classic MTV had a nice run, it's been over a decade since the network has devolved into yet another bastion of the cheapest, crassest form of television : Reality TV. I asked a MTV exec a few years ago why most of the music videos had been expunged, replaced by shows about manufactured roommates, teen mothers and hard drinkers. His response was as expected as it was short-sighted. "That's what gets us the ratings. And it's cheaper."

And so it goes on many of the channels that sparked to life in the early days of cable expansion, each promising innovative and distinctive programming.

Of course the music, whether you find it on MTV, VH1, YouTube or --dare I mention my old favorite haunt-- the radio will never die. And cannot be killed off by the executives who run television networks with all the vision of Mr. Magoo in the slow lane.

Last week was a tough one for music fans as we said goodbye to Amy Winehouse, whose death was tragic though not shocking, as well as America co-founder Dan Peek and folk icon Bill Morrissey, who both died, apparently in their sleep, of unknown causes. Fortunately, their music lives on. Read more about these artists in my NJP tribute piece.
The Sad Ballad of Goodbye: Remembering Amy Winehouse, Dan Peek, Bill Morrissey | NEWS JUNKIE POST

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