Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Big Story

"This is a GREAT show! Its a crazy good flashback to old school free form radio!! Amy Beth is a DJ/host who knows her stuff about music, books, politics, movies etc. Good guests, too. Unpredictable, warm and funny. This is appointment radio at its best!"- Stitcher review 

As we fall into our third season, a cool array of guests will help us weave that intriguing mosaic of voices from the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice. 

And there's creative inspiration. And the free-form radio magic that just emanates organically- hot topics, music and cultural commentary. And thanks to the 24/7 social media matrix, our conversation is inclusive and never-ending. We ask you to chime in live or anytime that works for you. 

And feel free to use that chime to ring us up about a story or topic that means something to you; something you think other folks would like to learn about and talk about. 

Tell us what's what. Use the #BigStory calling card on Twitter. Or reach out via this blog, Facebook or email at the website. Guest suggestions welcome too. 

Listen when you want: live most Tuesdays & Fridays at noon. And be on the listen for special late afternoon editions on PopNet. Of course the beauty of the on demand deal: you can listen whenever & wherever you want! 

And I'm excited to announce new outlets. Listen via BTR, Stitcher ( portable with the app), Net Now, i-tunes, Tune-in and select shows featured on the new PopNet and the Arts Radio Network! 

All podcasts can also be accessed via our website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big. 

Stay tuned! 


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Hours

Cure for the Summertime Blues? Great music, conversation and lazy days in the sun and sand. With that in mind: you'll hear fewer new editions of The Amy Beth Arkawy Show in July and August. But the shows we do offer will feature wonderful  convos with authors, musicians and other luminaries.

And our Summer Encore Series will revisit some of our favorite conversations and fab music specials. Still hankering to weigh in on the topics of the day? Fret not: we'll serve up a few of our popular coffee klatch editions, taking on the sizzling stories in the news and the crazy pop culture sideshow. Of course the conversation never stops at our 24/7 Twitter feed. So chime in on anything and everything when it's convenient for you @abwrites. Or stop by our website.

And stay tuned for a very busy and exciting Fall season.

What's your story? If you're ready to share it on The MediaBytes award winning show dubbed "an entertaining, empowering tour de force" reach out at the websitte. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Hints of June

Ms. Hart does it again! Our tireless producer Trudi Hart has snagged the incomparable Brett Butler for a rare radio appearance. The groundbreaking comedian, author and star of that iconic '90's TV sitcom, Grace Under Fire joins us on Friday, June 12. Tweet advance questions @abwrites #BrettButler or e-mail the website.

And the show rocks on throughout the month with fascinating guests, compelling stories and fab music. We also take on the hottest topics fueling the news and incendiary culture wars.

Look who's stopping by:

6/2: Barbara Jean Coast: the gals behind the sassy fab '50's social butterfly and prolific author of the Poppy Cove Mystery series are back to unveil their latest, A Nate To Remember. Plus: a jukebox filled with nifty 50's hits.

6/5: Doug Briney:  the generous Country troubadour shares new music & his latest charitable effort. Plus a cavalcade of country favorites.

6/9: Michael Egelton: Meet the rising R&B star & sample his smooth, timeless sound.

6/12: Brett Butler: the TV & comic icon discusses the legacy of her enduring sitcom and fills us in on her latest projects including a new memoir and a psychic practice.

6/23: Aspen Baker: the activist and Pro-Voice author goes beyond abortion rights in her bold attempt to bridge the cultural divide between red and blue America.

6/30: Martha Ertman: As we await the Supremes' decision on Same-Sex marriage and the inevitable social fall-out, law professor and Love's Promises author weighs in.

Along the way, we take on the pop culture sideshow, offer inspiration and serve up send-ups to dads, grads and summer.

Got a story to share? Need help telling yours? Reach out to the website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's a Mad Mad Month

"Happiness is that weird invention that other people have. How did they get that?" Matthew Weiner

It's maddening! As an early and devoted Mad Men fan I'm braced for the groundbreaking series to end. Sad to say goodbye to Don Draper, his myriad guises and anxieties and his dysfunctional colleagues and family members. We're in the midst of the perplexing final season. With only two episodes to go and I can say it's been a mixed bag: at turns intriguing, moving, hilarious and frankly disappointing,  I don't expect a clean ending. I'm not even sure I'd like that. Even the uneasy feeling I have about what fate may await Don in that final episode doesn't bother me. What does? The pangs of separation anxiety I haven't felt since Tony and Carmella ate their last basket of onion rings.

We'll talk during the month and share a Mad Men postmortem on Tues. 5/19. So join the convo via Twitter @abwrites #MadMen or call LIVE during the show 347-857-4505. 

Oh, and David Letterman exits  late night TV after decades in the game on May 20. Guess there's no remaining slim chance he'll read the letters my sister and I sent him years ago during his classic Mail bag segment. Too bad, too; they were far more clever than "Dave, wanna biscuit?" You'll just have to trust us on that.

And we're chatting with a marvelous melange of guests including:

AIDS physician Dr. Susan Ball, author Voices in the Band

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Stephen Kurkjian, author Master Thieves 

Indie Folk-Rock duo March To May

Indie Folk-Rock artist Billy Grima 

Documentary filmmakers Pamela Hogan & Connie Shulman : Looks Like Laury, Sounds Like Laury 

And our popular Pop Americana music special returns to usher in the Memorial Day weekend.

Got a story to share? Guest suggestions? Creativity Coaching questions? Please visit the website. We always respond to all serious inquiries. Spam, not so much. But Spam doesn't care. Unless it's scam Spam and well, we all know what to do with that.

Drive safe. Play nice. dream big.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Awakenings

While Mama Nature clings to her arctic charms, most of us are ready to turn the page on that long, cold lonely winter. Perhaps we can will the seasonal shift with a re-airing of our popular Spring Awakenings Special on Friday, March 27.

And take a peek at who'll be warming up the airwaves this Spring....

March 31: Author Peggy Hanson talks about her mystery novel Deadline Yemen

April 7: Author Lorraine Devon Wilke discusses her comic novel Hysterical Love

April 10: fan favorite Dr. Daniela Schreier  takes on  psychological angles of today's hot justice stories.

April 14: Mystery author Jennifer Vido chats Murder By The Minutes. Plus: Taxing tunes!

April 17: We salute the Rock 'n' Roll hall of Fame Class of 2015 & Wish List for Next Year.

April 21; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Stephen Kurkjian discusses his true crime book Master Thieves 

April 24: Poetic License: In honor of national Poetry Month we weave a musical mosaic of literary

April 28: Author Kathryn Leigh Scott discusses her novel Jinxed. 

We're still booking for May & June, but here's a sneak peak:

May 1 : Dr. Susan Ball, author Voices From The Band 

*May 13: Meet new folk duo March to May & sample their tunes. * Note Special evening show: 8:30  PM

Got a story to share? We're always looking for authors, filmmakers, theater folks, musicians, social commentators, etc. And if you're a loquacious free thinker who likes to dish TV, movies, hot topics in the news you might be a good fit for an upcoming Coffee Klatch. Be in touch and we'll talk.

It's been great to re-connect with so many 'old' fans and forge partnerships with so many new voices. Your kind words of encouragement. mean so much.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

And stay tuned


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Story Time

Everyone has  story. What''s yours?

As we gear up for another season of compelling conversations, The Amy Beth Arkawy Show continues to grow.

Our little under-the radar-over the radio-rainbow experiment has emerged as a popular and critically acclaimed podcast. We are so honored to be named one of the "Best Professional Podcasts" by Media Bytes. "Helmed by a savvy and warmly amusing radio vet and author with some sort of advanced degree in psychology or counseling, the show is an empowering, entertaining tour de force." Wow! We'll never take such praise  for granted. We will continue to offer our best on every show, with every guest.

And the show will continue to weave together a  mosaic of notable and emerging voices in the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice,. The focus is storytelling, and the inspiration and influences that fuel a creative life. And, since our Coffee Klatches featuring a blend of thoughtfully irreverent takes on pop culture are among the most popular, they'll be liberally sprinkled in the mix along with our music specials.

Our Inspiration to Action Challenge has garnered more listener participation than I could have ever imagined. And the success stories keep pouring in. So we will continue to showcase that feature, as well as others that propel positive life changes and help facilitate creativity.

Is everyone phone phobic these days? Or is actually talking into the tin can with the string so last century? While our audience continues to grow many more listen to the podcast than the live show. Hey, whatever works for you, and that's the beauty of on-demand listening,. I get it. But my old school radio style still yearns for those crazy listener calls. There has been a spike of  "live" listeners, and many do engage in interaction... via social media. Mostly on Twitter. That's fine.Reading tweets is cool, but nothing beats the callers. So if you get a chance to listen  live Tuesdays and Fridays at 12 PM (ET) give us a call. Oh, and don't forget to switch the device from text to talk and we'e good to go.

I always ask for listener input: so if you have a compelling story to tell, feel free to query us. The easiest way is through my website . We're always looking for authors, filmmakers, theater folks, musicians, social commentators, etc. And if you're a loquacious free thinker who likes to dish TV, movies, hot topics in the news you might be a good fit for an upcoming Coffee Klatch. Be in touch and we'll talk.

It's been great to re-connect with so many 'old' fans and forge partnerships with so many new voices. Your kind words of encouragement. mean so much.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Happy New Year!