Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Very Merry

As we wrap up our first full season of The Amy Beth Arkawy Show, I want to send gratitude and glad tidings to our fabulous roster of guests and our amazing and growing audience of literate and engaged thinkers.

What started as an under-the radar- over the radio rainbow- experiment in February 2013 has evolved into a successful Internet radio show and podcast. We have been honored to receive awards from Media Bytes, which, in designating the show as a "Top Professional Podcast," calls it " an empowering and entertaining tour de force." What a thrill and honor. And that award has garnered the show attention and helped it stand out in a crowded universe of podcasts.

We have been equally honored to have several shows named Top Picks by the critically acclaimed Arts Wire site. Among those praised shows:  our conversations with philanthropist and cabaret star Tony Cointreau, bestselling author Jack Englehard, former DJ turned author Jo Maeder, and a special show featuring a tribute to songwriter Gerry Goffin and an interview with fellow mystery author Steve Schrott.

And we went viral as our show featuring convicted felon turned self-proclaimed prison coach Wendy Feldman and her disparaging comments on Reality TV convicts Teresa and Joe Guidice before she took the controversial couple on as clients spurred national attention by a wide range of top gossip sites including TMZ zand Radar Online. Later, when Feldman publicly dumped them and disparaged them again, the show drew another round of viral traction. All proof that you can never under-estimate the power of the mighty little podcast.

My favorite shows are those that feature guests who are dedicated to their creative work and can offer insights into the process as well as highs and lows of their journeys. And it continues to thrill me when I hear from listeners whose own endeavors are enhanced by our shows.

Personal connection is key. And social media allows us to start and continue conversations in meaningful ways.

We look forward to weaving another rich mosaic of voices from the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice in 2015. If you have a a story to share, please reach out.

On behalf of myself and the hearty TCS crew, here's to a Happy, Healthy Holiday season and Most Merry New Year!

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.