Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Big Story

"This is a GREAT show! Its a crazy good flashback to old school free form radio!! Amy Beth is a DJ/host who knows her stuff about music, books, politics, movies etc. Good guests, too. Unpredictable, warm and funny. This is appointment radio at its best!"- Stitcher review 

As we fall into our third season, a cool array of guests will help us weave that intriguing mosaic of voices from the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice. 

And there's creative inspiration. And the free-form radio magic that just emanates organically- hot topics, music and cultural commentary. And thanks to the 24/7 social media matrix, our conversation is inclusive and never-ending. We ask you to chime in live or anytime that works for you. 

And feel free to use that chime to ring us up about a story or topic that means something to you; something you think other folks would like to learn about and talk about. 

Tell us what's what. Use the #BigStory calling card on Twitter. Or reach out via this blog, Facebook or email at the website. Guest suggestions welcome too. 

Listen when you want: live most Tuesdays & Fridays at noon. And be on the listen for special late afternoon editions on PopNet. Of course the beauty of the on demand deal: you can listen whenever & wherever you want! 

And I'm excited to announce new outlets. Listen via BTR, Stitcher ( portable with the app), Net Now, i-tunes, Tune-in and select shows featured on the new PopNet and the Arts Radio Network! 

All podcasts can also be accessed via our website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big. 

Stay tuned!