Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Very Merry

As we wrap up our first full season of The Amy Beth Arkawy Show, I want to send gratitude and glad tidings to our fabulous roster of guests and our amazing and growing audience of literate and engaged thinkers.

What started as an under-the radar- over the radio rainbow- experiment in February 2013 has evolved into a successful Internet radio show and podcast. We have been honored to receive awards from Media Bytes, which, in designating the show as a "Top Professional Podcast," calls it " an empowering and entertaining tour de force." What a thrill and honor. And that award has garnered the show attention and helped it stand out in a crowded universe of podcasts.

We have been equally honored to have several shows named Top Picks by the critically acclaimed Arts Wire site. Among those praised shows:  our conversations with philanthropist and cabaret star Tony Cointreau, bestselling author Jack Englehard, former DJ turned author Jo Maeder, and a special show featuring a tribute to songwriter Gerry Goffin and an interview with fellow mystery author Steve Schrott.

And we went viral as our show featuring convicted felon turned self-proclaimed prison coach Wendy Feldman and her disparaging comments on Reality TV convicts Teresa and Joe Guidice before she took the controversial couple on as clients spurred national attention by a wide range of top gossip sites including TMZ zand Radar Online. Later, when Feldman publicly dumped them and disparaged them again, the show drew another round of viral traction. All proof that you can never under-estimate the power of the mighty little podcast.

My favorite shows are those that feature guests who are dedicated to their creative work and can offer insights into the process as well as highs and lows of their journeys. And it continues to thrill me when I hear from listeners whose own endeavors are enhanced by our shows.

Personal connection is key. And social media allows us to start and continue conversations in meaningful ways.

We look forward to weaving another rich mosaic of voices from the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice in 2015. If you have a a story to share, please reach out.

On behalf of myself and the hearty TCS crew, here's to a Happy, Healthy Holiday season and Most Merry New Year!

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Grateful Bounty 2014

With such a great response to last year's first annual Grateful Bounty, we are getting ready to serve up another cornucopia of delicious holiday treats.  Our next music special  featuring your requests and dedications will air live Friday November 21 and be available thereafter for podcast throughout the Holiday Season-and beyond!

Send your requests-songs do not have to be Thanksgiving tunes ( only a few of those in the pop culture cupboard), but songs that bring you sheer joy, inspiration, grace and gratitude. Sound familiar? It should to anyone who listens regularly and has dipped into the creative well with us on our Inspiration to Action Challenge.

Dedications, affirmations and notes of gratitude are also welcome.

Please send your requests here or at twitter @abwrites Use the #GratefulBounty.

All requests need to be received by Tuesday, November 18, so Trudi, Aurora and the TCS crew can load all the goodies into our Thanksgiving oven.

And  our seasonal celebration continues with Jolly Holidaze 2014, airing in December. So get set to indulge in a  feast of seasonal confections.

I know I have my own grateful bounty to share this year. This show, the enthusiastic response from a loyal and growing audience, and our awards from Media Bytes and Arts Wire, rank among my favorites. So thank you for being part of the success of this little ( not so) under the radar-over-the radio-rainbow experiment.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shocktober Finale

It's so hard to believe the Spooky season is winding down. And I've seen nary a showing of Rosemary's Baby or Psycho yet. But as we careen toward Shocktober's finale on Friday, we'll scare up our second annual Halloween Spooktacular. Your requests and dedications are crammed into our crypt and ready to go.

Join us live for our unofficial listener surveys on favorite horror movies, treats and costumes. Or listen later on demand.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Frolics

It's not officially autumn, which may explain why I'm not officially over summer. But onward we go into a new season  of inspiring and entertaining shows.

As the juggling act continues, we'll change up the schedule a bit. We'll now air live episodes most Tuesdays and Fridays, with additional shows as guests and topics dictate ( and time permits). And as always, all shows will be archived for on demand listening.

Again, I cannot express the gratitude I have for Media Bytes for singling out our not so "under the radar" over the radio rainbow experiment as a "Top Professional Podcast." They've dubbed it "an empowering, entertaining tour de force,' and we do our best to live up to such praise and never take it for granted. I am so grateful, too, for our enthusiastic and growing audience. We couldn't do it without out you. Well, yeah, I guess we could, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun or rewarding.

And be on the listen as the show's reach continues to expand. Beyond BTR, the show is now also featured on PopNet, Net Now and iTunes. Additional outlets and platforms are coming soon!

Take a a look at who's stopping by this September

9/9: Author & Speaker Tara Almeny: on loss, grief and moving forward.

9/12: Author and philanthropist Eileen Rockefeller discusses her fascinating memoir.

9/16: Pat Morgan, author The Concrete Killing Fields, discusses her experience as an advocate for the homeless.

9/19: Storyteller and musician Crow Johnson Evans

9/23: Author Martin Preib discusses true life hard boiled tales of Crooked City. 

9/30: Mystery Authors Heather Shkuratoff  & Andrea Taylor, the clever gals behind Barbara Jean Coast and the stylish Poppy Cove Mystery Series return to unveil their latest, Death of a Beauty Queen. 

And we'll engage in the usual hoopla: free flow Pop Culture convo, humor, music and more. Plus: we continue the Inspiration to Action Challenge and I'll be offering more motivational jump starts  designed to re-ignite your creative spark and help us all nurture more productive, joyous and rewarding lives. And our popular hot topics and music shows will also get their due this season.

If you've got a story to share contact us at the website, That's the place to go, too, if you need help telling your story. Let's start a creative conversation; the first one is always on me.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Hours

Cure for the Summertime Blues? Great music, conversation and lazy days in the sun and sand. With that in mind: you'll hear fewer new editions of The Amy Beth Arkawy Show in July and August. But the shows we do offer will feature wonderful  convos with authors, musicians and other luminaries. And we have some fab music specials on the calendar, too. So look who's coming soon. And, stay tuned for a very busy and exciting Fall season.


7/11: Vacation Nation: our annual Summer send-up featuring great tunes ( including listener requests), musings and inspiration.

7/14: Singer-songwriter Chelsea Crites

7/21: Author Kevin Scott Hall 

7/25: Country music sensation Josey Milner 


8/8: Author Katherine Lippa 

8/15: Woodstock Revisited: Remembering the 45th Anniversary of the famous festival.Plus and Elvis tribute,

What's your story? If you're ready to share it on The MediaBytes award winning show dubbed "an entertaining, empowering tour de force" reach out at the websitte. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June's Croon

Okay, I admit it: if I wasn't imbued with Lucy Ricardo's musical talents I'd be a singer-songwriter. Readers and audiences know that my books and plays come with built-in soundtracks and listeners know that no matter how much I enjoy the talk show host part of my radio gig, my inner DJ has to come out to play. So no surprise I enjoy chatting with musicians. Serendipitously we have a slew on the June schedule. We'll also meet a few intriguing authors, take on hot topics in our free-flow pop culture convo, spur each other along with creative nudges and enjoy some fab music, too.

Take a peek at who's stopping by this month:

June 6: Author & social commentator Daniel Haight discusses social media fall-out from Santa Barbara killings

June 9: New Country artist Morgan Riley unveils her debut single & chats inspiration & influence.

June 13: indie Country star Doug Briney returns with new songs and stories

June 16: Singer-Songwriter Craig Morrison

June 23 Mystery author Steve Shortt

6/27: Eileen Rockefeller discusses her memoir Being A Rockefeller

6/30: International Kickin' Country Two Punch: Irish Country star Pete Kennedy returns & meet Swedish Country artist Hicks

Oh, if you have a story to share or need help telling yours, reach out to The Amy Beth Arkawy Show.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Sorry to hear Ann B. Davis has passed away at 88. The spunky character actress hit the small screen in the '50's as Bob Cummings wacky sidekick Schultzy in Love That Bob, but for most of us she will always be Alice, the beloved, wise housekeeper on The Brady Bunch.


Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh, Mama!

Turns out the Mother of modern Mother's Day got more than she bargained for. And she lived to regret her efforts. Here's more:

Happy Mother's Day! Don't forget to call your mom!

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Daze

As Spring fever finally sets in we're excited to note our little show continues to garner attention. Along with our Media Bytes award, we have racked up another Top Pick from ArtsWire. We're so delighted our show featuring the wonderful Tony Cointreau, whose moving memoir Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa And Me recounts his remarkable life with humor, compassion and courage, was singled out. Tony is a fab guest and his book is worth the read!

Now, on with the show... Here are our merry May offerings:

May 2: Musician Jerry Boutet talks career, influences and shares his unique sound. 

May 9: Former Rock DJ Jo Maeder ( The Rock 'n' Roll Madam) discusses her moving memoir When I Married My Mother. Plus our Mother's Day send-up. 

May 12: Phil Stanford, Watergate Call Girl author talks new theories surrounding the notorious political scandal. 

May 19: Mystery author Julie Seedorf returns to unveil her latest Granny book. And talks about hunger in America. 

May 30: Musician Ed Roman shares his passionate sounds and talks inspiration. 

And a sneak peek at June: It's Music Month as we introduce several rising singer-songwriters and visit with a pair of fan favorites. You'll also meet a new mystery author! Plus our Summer Song special, featuring listener requests and dedications. Send them in via the website or on Twitter @abwrites #SummerSongs by Friday, 6/13. 

By the way, we're always looking for compelling storytellers. So if you have one to share, reach out to the The Amy Beth Arkawy Show

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big. 


Monday, March 31, 2014

Book it, baby!

Big news about our little show.....

Going viral with our NJ Confidential episode started the New Year rolling. Then our interview with bestselling author, Jack Engelhard garnered national attention with an ArtsWire Top Pick Award. And our numbers continue to grow as PopNet and Net Now are also now airing our podcasts along with BTR.

Big Bites from big guests:

Our show with Willie Degel, the colorful star of the Food Network hit Restaurant Stakeout was a winner with listeners. And there's more great fun this spring. Check out our upcoming roster:

April 4: Spring Awakenings: Music, inspiration and pop culture

April 7: The Big Social Media Disconnect w/ fan fave Dr. Daniela Schreier

April 11: Rising Country singer-songwriter Marshall Dane

April 25; Mystery Author Nanci Rathburn

April 28: Ethel Merman, Mother Teresa... and Me author Tony Cointreau

May 2: Singer-songwriter Jerry Boutot

May 9: When I married My Mother author Jo Maeder

May 12; Author Phil Stanford

May 19 Mystery Author Julie Sedorf

Join us Live or anytime on demand.

Stay tuned for more updates. And join the conversation 24/7 at Twitter @abwrites Oh, and if you have a story to tell, reach via the website

Drive safe. play nice. dream big.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Going Viral

The last time I went viral it involved a week in bed, three boxes of Kleenex and a gallon of chicken soup.

But this week an episode from our little under the radar-over-the radio-rainbow show went viral across the Internet and social media. The show-from last summer- featured an interview with noted prison coach Wendy Feldman. At that time she offered candid comments about the recently indicted Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Guidice. She vowed never to rep the crass and conspicuous spenders whose courting of media, fame and money rivals their myriad fraud charges.

Yes, she's since changed her tune. A few months later, Feldman signed on to coach the embattled couple, who prior to Tuesday's GUILTY pleas ( on 4 and 6 counts, respectively vs the 41 they faced), eschewed all responsibility and continued to flagrantly mock the legal system. Now, with her coaching, they "respect the process" and are "taking responsibility for a series of bad choices"

I don't fault Feldman with changing her position. Some listeners have painted her as a "money hungry media whore." I think that's unfair. Lawyers -who sideline as TV pundits-do this all the time. Mark Geragos, for example, was an outspoken critic of Scott Peterson before signing on to represent the now convicted murderer. Did that mean he actually believed in his client's innocence? Who knows? And it's beside the point. Everyone deserves representation. And Feldman's views may have evolved as she got better acquainted with the Guidices and their charges. They seem to be taking some of her advice. The pair is showing convenient contrition. But, so far, they've ignored her advice to ditch the show. The new season of the popular trash Reality show is in the works, and reportedly Teresa exploits her four daughters with an on- camera discussion of the guilty plea. Another vulgar ratings grab by Bravo, the former arts network which has devolved into a bastion of big bucks bad behavior.

Is that going too far for a woman who is trying to parlay the Mommy card into a house arrest stint in the gaudy ( foreclosed?) mansion as a way to avoid the serious prison time she faces? That's up to the judge. But the court of public opinion is on an angry feeding frenzy.

I re-posted the show on my social media outlets not as a "Gotcha" moment for Feldman or her clients. I just thought it was interesting to see the story evolve. For the record, I never sold the story or sanctioned other outlets, including one site which audaciously labeled it an "Exclusive" and demanded other outlets credit that site ( and not my show or site) to run it. Fans ( and at least one competing tabloid site) reached out with words of concern over my infringed rights. Unfortunately, I've been down this rocky cyber road before. The Internet is still a Wild West, with few rules about "borrowing" and sharing content. I've had articles written for one site poached by others all too often. Rarely does anyone bother to ask permission, and never do they pay for the privilege.

It's just the way it goes. At least the sites-sorry All About The Tea-the show was included in a number of other celeb sites( boy there are a plethora of tabloid mongers on the web)- included my name and website. All spelled correctly, too.

What's the takeaway? Depends on what side of the story you sit. For me: the potential power of the mighty little podcast can't be ignored. For others:be careful what you say. It might just come back to bite you. Then again that old "any publicity is good publicity" adage has never enjoyed the level of veracity it now knows in our current culture.

So if you've got a story to tell, reach out to The Amy Beth Arkawy Show . It may even go viral. Of course, it might take six months. Oh, and we may have to kick up a controversy. But it will be archived and ready to re-boot!

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pot Shot

Here's the kitsch classic Lawrence Welk interpretation of Brewer & Shipley's counter-culture hit we discussed during our segment on the pros and cons of legalizing Marijuana.

Inhale at your own risk.

Drive safe. Play nice. dream big.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Unfolding Story Continues

Everyone has  story. What''s yours?

As we rev up for a second season of compelling conversations, The Amy Beth Arkawy continues to grow.

What started as an under-the radar-over the radio-rainbow experiment has emerged as a popular and critically acclaimed podcast. We are so honored to be named one of the "Best Professional Podcasts" by Media Byte. "Helmed by a savvy and warmly amusing radio vet and author with some sort of advanced degree in psychology or counseling, the show is an empowering, entertaining tour de force." Wow! We'll do our best to live up to such high praise.

And the show will continue to weave together a  mosaic of notable and emerging voices in the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice,. The focus is storytelling, and the inspiration and influences that fuel a creative life. We mix in cultural commentary, too. Yeah, I can't help myself.

Our Inspiration to Action Challenge has garnered more listener participation than I could have ever imagined. And the success stories keep pouring in. So we will continue to showcase that feature, as well as others that propel positive life changes and help facilitate creativity.

We've already featured an impressive array of guests including authors Tania Grossinger, Eliot Tibor, Jessica Handler and Andrew Cotto; true crime experts Dr. Daniela Schreier, David Diamond and  Bill Deane; filmmakers Lora Lee Ecobelli, Marta Cunningham and John Alan Simon; theatre pros Mike Selkirk and Mary Catherine Wilson; music artists Caroline Rose, Jerry Strull and Matt Williams and pop culture gurus Cate Meighan and Kristen Burtt.

I always ask for listener input: so if you have a compelling story to tell, feel free to query us. The easiest way is through my website . We're always looking for authors, filmmakers, theatre folks, musicians, social commentators, etc. We also have Coffee Klatch editions, where we feature our free flow pop culture convo. So if you're a loquacious free thinker who likes to dish TV, movies, hot topics in the news, be in touch and we'll talk.

It's been great to re-connect with so many 'old' fans and forge partnerships with so many new voices. Your kind words of encouragement. mean so much.

Please join us: The Amy Beth Arkawy Show live Mondays and Fridays at noon (ET)  Or anytime on demand. That's the beauty of the Internet podcasts. you can listen anytime. The only drawback: we still don't get as many calls as I'd like. As my hearty radio irregulars know: I love interacting live on the radio with listeners. So if you get a chance, please call in and join the conversation. Or do so before/during the show via Twitter @abwrites

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Happy New Year!