Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June's Croon

Okay, I admit it: if I wasn't imbued with Lucy Ricardo's musical talents I'd be a singer-songwriter. Readers and audiences know that my books and plays come with built-in soundtracks and listeners know that no matter how much I enjoy the talk show host part of my radio gig, my inner DJ has to come out to play. So no surprise I enjoy chatting with musicians. Serendipitously we have a slew on the June schedule. We'll also meet a few intriguing authors, take on hot topics in our free-flow pop culture convo, spur each other along with creative nudges and enjoy some fab music, too.

Take a peek at who's stopping by this month:

June 6: Author & social commentator Daniel Haight discusses social media fall-out from Santa Barbara killings

June 9: New Country artist Morgan Riley unveils her debut single & chats inspiration & influence.

June 13: indie Country star Doug Briney returns with new songs and stories

June 16: Singer-Songwriter Craig Morrison

June 23 Mystery author Steve Shortt

6/27: Eileen Rockefeller discusses her memoir Being A Rockefeller

6/30: International Kickin' Country Two Punch: Irish Country star Pete Kennedy returns & meet Swedish Country artist Hicks

Oh, if you have a story to share or need help telling yours, reach out to The Amy Beth Arkawy Show.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


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