Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June's Croon

Okay, I admit it: if I wasn't imbued with Lucy Ricardo's musical talents I'd be a singer-songwriter. Readers and audiences know that my books and plays come with built-in soundtracks and listeners know that no matter how much I enjoy the talk show host part of my radio gig, my inner DJ has to come out to play. So no surprise I enjoy chatting with musicians. Serendipitously we have a slew on the June schedule. We'll also meet a few intriguing authors, take on hot topics in our free-flow pop culture convo, spur each other along with creative nudges and enjoy some fab music, too.

Take a peek at who's stopping by this month:

June 6: Author & social commentator Daniel Haight discusses social media fall-out from Santa Barbara killings

June 9: New Country artist Morgan Riley unveils her debut single & chats inspiration & influence.

June 13: indie Country star Doug Briney returns with new songs and stories

June 16: Singer-Songwriter Craig Morrison

June 23 Mystery author Steve Shortt

6/27: Eileen Rockefeller discusses her memoir Being A Rockefeller

6/30: International Kickin' Country Two Punch: Irish Country star Pete Kennedy returns & meet Swedish Country artist Hicks

Oh, if you have a story to share or need help telling yours, reach out to The Amy Beth Arkawy Show.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Sorry to hear Ann B. Davis has passed away at 88. The spunky character actress hit the small screen in the '50's as Bob Cummings wacky sidekick Schultzy in Love That Bob, but for most of us she will always be Alice, the beloved, wise housekeeper on The Brady Bunch.


Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.