Monday, June 1, 2015

Hints of June

Ms. Hart does it again! Our tireless producer Trudi Hart has snagged the incomparable Brett Butler for a rare radio appearance. The groundbreaking comedian, author and star of that iconic '90's TV sitcom, Grace Under Fire joins us on Friday, June 12. Tweet advance questions @abwrites #BrettButler or e-mail the website.

And the show rocks on throughout the month with fascinating guests, compelling stories and fab music. We also take on the hottest topics fueling the news and incendiary culture wars.

Look who's stopping by:

6/2: Barbara Jean Coast: the gals behind the sassy fab '50's social butterfly and prolific author of the Poppy Cove Mystery series are back to unveil their latest, A Nate To Remember. Plus: a jukebox filled with nifty 50's hits.

6/5: Doug Briney:  the generous Country troubadour shares new music & his latest charitable effort. Plus a cavalcade of country favorites.

6/9: Michael Egelton: Meet the rising R&B star & sample his smooth, timeless sound.

6/12: Brett Butler: the TV & comic icon discusses the legacy of her enduring sitcom and fills us in on her latest projects including a new memoir and a psychic practice.

6/23: Aspen Baker: the activist and Pro-Voice author goes beyond abortion rights in her bold attempt to bridge the cultural divide between red and blue America.

6/30: Martha Ertman: As we await the Supremes' decision on Same-Sex marriage and the inevitable social fall-out, law professor and Love's Promises author weighs in.

Along the way, we take on the pop culture sideshow, offer inspiration and serve up send-ups to dads, grads and summer.

Got a story to share? Need help telling yours? Reach out to the website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned.