Friday, November 16, 2012

Whine Country, U.S.A.

Sour grapes make the best whine! Mitt Romney, in his campaign autopsy phone tour to donors attributes Obama's victory to giving away stuff. You know goodies like health care, immigration reform and college loans. Different from the big time bennies like 13 % ( or lower) tax rates, shelters and off-shore incentives Romney and his ilk in the one percent have been feasting on for decades. Repubs,who are hoping to revive the GOP brand, essentially threw what was left of the Romney legacy under the big old limo out of town. Still, running mate Paul Ryan, dumb-founded over the big loss, clings to the notion that the campaign didn't "lose on issues." instead, the Wisconsin wonk insists, Obama's win was thanks to "the urban turn-out." Translation: dang, that voter suppression thing didn't turn out so well. Meanwhile, doing his part to sully the grand old pouters even more, John McCain is busy trying to whip the tragedy in Benghazi into a scandal beyond Watergate proportion. He's so hellbent on sticking it to Obama ( by way of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice) that he actually missed a briefing on the incident so he could kvetch about it on TV. Then he complained about scheduling snafus. Whine on, boys. Whine on. We'll just drink it all in. Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace. aba