Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Frolics

It's not officially autumn, which may explain why I'm not officially over summer. But onward we go into a new season  of inspiring and entertaining shows.

As the juggling act continues, we'll change up the schedule a bit. We'll now air live episodes most Tuesdays and Fridays, with additional shows as guests and topics dictate ( and time permits). And as always, all shows will be archived for on demand listening.

Again, I cannot express the gratitude I have for Media Bytes for singling out our not so "under the radar" over the radio rainbow experiment as a "Top Professional Podcast." They've dubbed it "an empowering, entertaining tour de force,' and we do our best to live up to such praise and never take it for granted. I am so grateful, too, for our enthusiastic and growing audience. We couldn't do it without out you. Well, yeah, I guess we could, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun or rewarding.

And be on the listen as the show's reach continues to expand. Beyond BTR, the show is now also featured on PopNet, Net Now and iTunes. Additional outlets and platforms are coming soon!

Take a a look at who's stopping by this September

9/9: Author & Speaker Tara Almeny: on loss, grief and moving forward.

9/12: Author and philanthropist Eileen Rockefeller discusses her fascinating memoir.

9/16: Pat Morgan, author The Concrete Killing Fields, discusses her experience as an advocate for the homeless.

9/19: Storyteller and musician Crow Johnson Evans

9/23: Author Martin Preib discusses true life hard boiled tales of Crooked City. 

9/30: Mystery Authors Heather Shkuratoff  & Andrea Taylor, the clever gals behind Barbara Jean Coast and the stylish Poppy Cove Mystery Series return to unveil their latest, Death of a Beauty Queen. 

And we'll engage in the usual hoopla: free flow Pop Culture convo, humor, music and more. Plus: we continue the Inspiration to Action Challenge and I'll be offering more motivational jump starts  designed to re-ignite your creative spark and help us all nurture more productive, joyous and rewarding lives. And our popular hot topics and music shows will also get their due this season.

If you've got a story to share contact us at the website, That's the place to go, too, if you need help telling your story. Let's start a creative conversation; the first one is always on me.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned!