Monday, June 1, 2015

Hints of June

Ms. Hart does it again! Our tireless producer Trudi Hart has snagged the incomparable Brett Butler for a rare radio appearance. The groundbreaking comedian, author and star of that iconic '90's TV sitcom, Grace Under Fire joins us on Friday, June 12. Tweet advance questions @abwrites #BrettButler or e-mail the website.

And the show rocks on throughout the month with fascinating guests, compelling stories and fab music. We also take on the hottest topics fueling the news and incendiary culture wars.

Look who's stopping by:

6/2: Barbara Jean Coast: the gals behind the sassy fab '50's social butterfly and prolific author of the Poppy Cove Mystery series are back to unveil their latest, A Nate To Remember. Plus: a jukebox filled with nifty 50's hits.

6/5: Doug Briney:  the generous Country troubadour shares new music & his latest charitable effort. Plus a cavalcade of country favorites.

6/9: Michael Egelton: Meet the rising R&B star & sample his smooth, timeless sound.

6/12: Brett Butler: the TV & comic icon discusses the legacy of her enduring sitcom and fills us in on her latest projects including a new memoir and a psychic practice.

6/23: Aspen Baker: the activist and Pro-Voice author goes beyond abortion rights in her bold attempt to bridge the cultural divide between red and blue America.

6/30: Martha Ertman: As we await the Supremes' decision on Same-Sex marriage and the inevitable social fall-out, law professor and Love's Promises author weighs in.

Along the way, we take on the pop culture sideshow, offer inspiration and serve up send-ups to dads, grads and summer.

Got a story to share? Need help telling yours? Reach out to the website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned.



Sandy said...

Sounds like a good line-up. Really love your show, Amy Beth!

Sabrina Tanner said...

Can't wait for Brett Butler. Ask her if she thinks sexism and the role of women in comedy has changed over the last 25 years.

Enjoy your show! But usually have to wait for podcast so I can't call or tweet when she'll be on.

Thanks so much,


Cynthia said...

Love Love Love your show, Amy Beth. It's the best blend of conversations, smart comments and advice and music that ties it all together. Really one if my favorite podcasts. Listen every week!

Shell said...

Hi Amy Beth:

Just listened to the podcast with the Poppy Cove mystery gals. They sound fun and studious. Their series sounds fun, too. I am a nostalgia buff, so I'll check out. I already love yours- waiting on # 3!

You have such a way with your guests, always pull out the best and promote the heck out everything. Talk about selling it, sister! But always so kind and sincere, often funny, too.

Yes I am a big fan and among those clamoring for five shows a week. But I know your schedule is tight. Do what you can. Just know lots of folks appreciate you.

Arnie said...

Great show! I so agree with your analysis on the Duggars. Spot on. You're rants are always entertaining, wise and compassionate. Enjoyed the interview as well. Doug sounds like a nice guy. Like the music too.

Pam Dee said...

Hi Amy:

Just listened to your shows wth the Poppy Cove ladies and Doug Briney back-to-back. I can honestly say you have the best interview style. Although you and Doug stepped on each other a few times ( phone issues?) it's an easy, comfortable exchange you offer. Plus your take on the whole Duggars mess is the most measured I've heard. You really should have a show on MSNBC or somewhere. Thie ratings couldn't get an lower anyway.

Keep it ip. Great show!

Johnny Fever's Hangover said...

Good line-up, AB. I'm sure you'll ask Brett about that final blow-up ( or was it a slow meltdown?) that closed down her show and why she left Hollywood. And why is she in a good place for a comeback?

Love your show... as you well know. Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Ask Brett is she cringes every time she sees that show since she flushed all the success it gave her down the toilet. I heard she was homeless for a while. Cautionary tale.

Shell said...

Wow, just wow! This chick is a first class BITCH. You bend over backwards to get this has-been dope addict on the air, you're classy & gracious and what does she do? Treats you like crap and whines because you have the nerve to mention her past? As a listener I am insulted. Hope she falls back into a bottle of obscurity whee she belongs. You are a real class act but I would have kicked her sorry ass off my show.

RayBan said...

Just heard the Brett Butler interview. All I can say is: You are the real deal and Ms. Butler hasn't learned a thing all these years. Sobriety and psychic abilities ( HA!!!!!!) don't mean squat. You were, as usual, kind and generous- even after she was SOOOOOO RUDE.... and well, good for you for keeping your composure and bailing her out. But come on, lady, get your act together after all these years.

Do you're thing, Amy Beth. You've got more talent and compassion in your little finger than this woman will ever have. Takes all kinds, I guess, but let someone else have her.

Love your show and the way you handle even the most unpleasant guests.

Johnny Fever's Hangover said...

Ouch! I'm thinking you should have ditched the bitch But then again, you did your classy, pro thing and actually pulled some interesting things out. Guess that therapist training comes in handy! But come, on, you know she's still a ( not so) hot mess. Recovery and psychic mumbo- jumbo notwithstanding. This woman has serious problems just tolerating an every day inconvenience. But she did say she has trouble with life. So there you have it. As you always say: people will show you who they are. Just let them. And take it all in.

Keep on Rockin,' AB. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Love you, love your show. Brett Butler... not so much. Hang in.

Janice Q. said...

So you got to use your counseling skills. This woman is a damaged person. She's just exchanged the drugs with phony psychic crap and still using her limited talents as some sort of pass. Like because she's funny ( sorta, sometimes) & used to be famous ( like 20 years ago, and as someone mentioned flushed it all down the toilet) she can be rude and entitled. Grow up, Brett.

You're a class act, Amy. I;m not so sure I would have been s nice. But then again, that's why you've got the show.

Sandy said...

The phones didn't work? Boo Hoo. Grow up already, Brett. Nothing like an old bag without a sense of decency. You handled it well, Amy Beth. But as others have already said I would have shut her down after her crazy meltdown. Not "gracious?" That's an understatement. She was incredibly RUDE and obviously still unhinged. Good luck with the so-called psychic stuff because I'm thinking she hasn't changed much and that comeback is not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, you were the one who displayed GRACE UNDER FIRE. Let's be honest: Brett's a bitch. Too bad, too, because she is funny, but she hampers herself.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You handled the Brett Butler situation with grace and ability. She definitely needs some more rehabilitation. Your show was fabulous as usual and you certainly showed what a high-class interviewer you are. You handled it beautifully! Congrats to you!