Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's a Mad Mad Month

"Happiness is that weird invention that other people have. How did they get that?" Matthew Weiner

It's maddening! As an early and devoted Mad Men fan I'm braced for the groundbreaking series to end. Sad to say goodbye to Don Draper, his myriad guises and anxieties and his dysfunctional colleagues and family members. We're in the midst of the perplexing final season. With only two episodes to go and I can say it's been a mixed bag: at turns intriguing, moving, hilarious and frankly disappointing,  I don't expect a clean ending. I'm not even sure I'd like that. Even the uneasy feeling I have about what fate may await Don in that final episode doesn't bother me. What does? The pangs of separation anxiety I haven't felt since Tony and Carmella ate their last basket of onion rings.

We'll talk during the month and share a Mad Men postmortem on Tues. 5/19. So join the convo via Twitter @abwrites #MadMen or call LIVE during the show 347-857-4505. 

Oh, and David Letterman exits  late night TV after decades in the game on May 20. Guess there's no remaining slim chance he'll read the letters my sister and I sent him years ago during his classic Mail bag segment. Too bad, too; they were far more clever than "Dave, wanna biscuit?" You'll just have to trust us on that.

And we're chatting with a marvelous melange of guests including:

AIDS physician Dr. Susan Ball, author Voices in the Band

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Stephen Kurkjian, author Master Thieves 

Indie Folk-Rock duo March To May

Indie Folk-Rock artist Billy Grima 

Documentary filmmakers Pamela Hogan & Connie Shulman : Looks Like Laury, Sounds Like Laury 

And our popular Pop Americana music special returns to usher in the Memorial Day weekend.

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Drive safe. Play nice. dream big.

Stay tuned!



Fran said...

Love Mad Men... hate to see it go. Think Don will jump out window? Too obvious? Hey love your show, too. Will be listening.

Sancho T. said...

Love your show, Amy... Mad Men will end with Joan burning down the building, Don jumping out the window and Peggy marrying Pete. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Or one.

Anonymous said...

Will Joan finally marry Roger? Think Don will be dead by the end...or remarry Betty. I;m not so sure which is a worse end.

Shea said...

You're too funny, Amy Beth. Will be sorry to see Mad Men go, too. Think John will fall into the ocean in CA. Betty becoming a therapist is scary and funny too.

So love YOUR show!

Johnny Fever's Hangover said...

I read that mock obit and doubt it ends that way. Don will flame out way before 88, but don;t think Weiner will do him in in the finale. Ambiguity and lots of room to speculate. Good show, but not as great as as some fans and critics think, Jumped the shark after the old secretary dropped dead at her desk. "she died like she lived, answering phones for the people she worked for."

Love your show, AB... but you know that by now, right? Rock on, girl!

Cynthia said...

Oh, wow: can't believe it's Pete Campbell who gets a second chance at happily ever after. What about that baby he had with Peggy- about 10 years old, right? The show is ending on a down slide. With Betty's demise, will Don come home and become Daddy again? Waiting for the finale, but not expecting much. But I'll be listening in for your take.

Mallory S. said...

I was really thrown by the whole thing with Betty. Very moving moments with Henry and especially Sally. So hope Don comes home in time and does the right thing. Not looking forward to a "fuzzy" ending like the Sopranos' you mentioned in pots. We;ll see. Definitely watching and listening for your analysis. Thanks... really like your podcast.

Darcy Dodd said...

Don's coming home. He'll finally be the hero he's always yearned to be. End on Betty's funeral. Will be listening to your & your listeners theories. Thanks- enjoy your show.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Peggy & Stan hook up in the end. Don goes AWOL, even with the Betty situation, I don't think Weiner will end it in a neat sentimental package. I know that's what most people are hoping. But don't count on it.

DD Phelps said...

AMC is running ALL the episodes in a marathon. Starts Wednesday night, I think. I need to catch up on the early ones. Will listen for your take. Have no idea how it will all end. Thanks for your show, enjoy it.- DD Phelps

Anonymous said...

Catching up now with the marathon. Forgot just how sleazy Pete always was. Don is complicated and awful too but some how you root for him. Not sure how it will wind up.

Lindy said...

Doubt Do will take that plunge- too obvious and tragic now with Betty dying. I'm guessing a big scene at her funeral. Fitting ending, I guess. I'll tune in Friday to discuss. More next week? After we know.

Lynn said...

I always thought Don & Betty would get back together. Now, who knows? Her funeral is the obvious ending. But what else? We'll have to see.

Nixie said...

Watching the marathon- missed the first season and now understand You're right,a lot moire. Such a good show. Will tune in to chat about ending. Love you show!