Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Big Story

"This is a GREAT show! Its a crazy good flashback to old school free form radio!! Amy Beth is a DJ/host who knows her stuff about music, books, politics, movies etc. Good guests, too. Unpredictable, warm and funny. This is appointment radio at its best!"- Stitcher review 

As we fall into our third season, a cool array of guests will help us weave that intriguing mosaic of voices from the arts, pop culture, personal growth and justice. 

And there's creative inspiration. And the free-form radio magic that just emanates organically- hot topics, music and cultural commentary. And thanks to the 24/7 social media matrix, our conversation is inclusive and never-ending. We ask you to chime in live or anytime that works for you. 

And feel free to use that chime to ring us up about a story or topic that means something to you; something you think other folks would like to learn about and talk about. 

Tell us what's what. Use the #BigStory calling card on Twitter. Or reach out via this blog, Facebook or email at the website. Guest suggestions welcome too. 

Listen when you want: live most Tuesdays & Fridays at noon. And be on the listen for special late afternoon editions on PopNet. Of course the beauty of the on demand deal: you can listen whenever & wherever you want! 

And I'm excited to announce new outlets. Listen via BTR, Stitcher ( portable with the app), Net Now, i-tunes, Tune-in and select shows featured on the new PopNet and the Arts Radio Network! 

All podcasts can also be accessed via our website. 

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big. 

Stay tuned! 



Diane D. said...

Can't wait for new season. Love your take on politics & creative wisdom, too.

Thanks- Diane

Fritz said...

Love your show! Such a great vibe! Looking forward to the new ones. More music & free-flow "convo" please.

Eddie said...

Here's a #BigStory: Trump's demise. Write that one & sell it to the American people. Getting tired of his antics, but the political theater is fun to watch and I enjoy the way you describe it. Good show. Eager for new editions. Thanks!

Anchor Baby said...

Big Story #1: The demise of MSNBC
Big Story #2: Media's love affair with Donald Trump
Big Story #3: Media's determination to take down Hillary Clinton: sexism or anti-Clintonism.

Ready, set, go.... Talk. I'll listen

Thank you kindly,

Anchor Baby

Orlando( Not Fla or Bloom) said...

Love it. Keep on talking, AB. I'll keep listening. Enjoyed your back-to school show. Witty commentary & great songs! Puts a smile on my tired face.