Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fighting Health Scare Tactics

YouTube - IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO! Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is one of the courageous heroes in the fight for true health reform. He's proposed bill--which fetched a meager 85 votes--all Democrats--proposed a simple Medicare for all health reform option.

"Is that the best we can do?" the Ohio firebrand admoished his colleagues, labeling the proposed House reform bill little more than mandates that basically benefit the insurance companies. Despite his best efforts, it looks like Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 1900 page watered down,tree killer of a bill may be as good as it gets. For now. To be fair, while it does require mandates, it also features a limited public option and puts the kibosh on pre-existing conditions.

And it sure beats House minority Grinch John Beohner's non-reform reform bill which--in case your keeping score--maintains pre-existing conditions as barriers to insurance, but limits malpractice claims. Yeah, that's going in the right direction. Out the door, Mr.Scrooge. Time to go home and hit the pavement. Go look for another gig. And your own health insurance on the open market. If a lack of compassion is a pre-existing condition a whole lotta soon to be ex-pols are in big trouble. Oh, but, wait, don't they get Cadillac coverage for life? Think they do.

Something's wrong, America. Very wrong.

Drive safe. Play nice. think peace.


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Anonymous said...

Another great article - bless Rep. Dennis Kucinich for saying "Is this all we can do?"
I wish I could re-elect him - at least he doesn't go along with the crowd. I think Peggy Lee would have agreed - "Is this all there is?" 1900 Pages Yow! How many have read this Health Insurance Reform Bill in its entirety. Have to Drive Safe - hard to think Peace and very difficult to play nice - Thanks Ms. Arkawy for a fine article, once again - Wendy