Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Call For Action & Compassion

The tragic Sandy Hook Elementary massacre has broken America's national heart. The loss of 28 people, 20 of them innocent six and seven year old children, is an unimaginable loss. Add the festive patina of the December Holiday season and we have a perfect storm of paralyzing emotions.

As the days, weeks, months pass, we'll also have an opportunity for reflection and action. Mostly action. President Obama eloquently called for "meaningful action," and now is his time to finally make good on that promise. We must ban all assault weapons. And do it as swiftly as possible. Obama has no re-election to worry about, no more need to cower to the power of the NRA. The public must put pressure on the President and Congress. Petitions are floating through the social media matrix. Sign one. Or six. Call your reps. Join the Brady Organization or other like-minded gun control groups.

Beyond that, we must examine the value of mental health services. Long the neglected step-child of the medical community, and often eschewed by insurance plans, psychiatric treatment must be included in insurance coverage. Mental health professionals educators, parents, neighbors, we must all reach out to those at risk. Let's be clear: not all "bright but troubled loners" are human tinderboxes. But we must listen and look for signs of isolation and alienation. Reach out before it's too late.

Love, prayers and compassion for all affected by gun violence. Compassion, too, for all who feel isolated, alienated and abandoned. There is a help out here. There is a positive place for you in this world. Please reach out for that helping hand. It will embrace you.

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.



Johnny Fever's hangover said...

Thanks, AB for your eloquent words. Very wise and kind.

Anonymous said...

Your article was definitely so true to the point about reaching out and helping those who feel 'left out.' I hope as a nation that we can do something about the guns that are far too many and totally unnecessary. Keep up the excellent work and keep us posted as to what our government will do about changing this situation. Hopefully, we can all come together and make these much needed changes.