Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everyone Has a Story

The fab cartoon based on the fab Four's quirky classic tune "Paperback Writer," reminds me that we all tell ourselves the stories of our lives. Twists and turns, color, comedy, tragedy there all in the living , the telling, the sharing.

As The Amy Beth Arkawy Show continues to grow we'll continue to reach out to an eclectic array of storytellers. From authors to filmmakers, social crusaders to comedians, theatre folks to musicians, come aboard and share your story, your inspiration and influences.

I invite you to reveal a part of your life with a growing audience of literate, engaged, creative people eager to learn and grow from your experiences.

Reach out via the website or @abwrites. We are currently booking for the fall and beyond.

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

Stay tuned.

Cheers and onward,


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