Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Outlets


     "A gem of a podcast. The show is an entertaining, empowering tour de force." - Media Bytes 

As our little under-the-radar-over-the-radio rainbow experiment continues to grow in scope and audience, we've added new outlets. You can now hear the show on Mixcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, Net Now, as well as Blog Talk Radio. And select editions are heard  on the Arts Radio Network's terrestrial stations nationwide and on PopNet. So listen whenever, wherever works for you.

Here's easy access to the podcast archive: The Amy Beth Arkawy Show 

Want to be a guest? Need creativity coaching? Have suggestions or requests? Please visit

Thanks for tagging along with what one listener described as a "fabulous, raucous radio ride!"

Drive safe. Play nice. Dream big.

And stay tuned.



Cyndie said...

Love this show. Keep going. thanks!

Brad B. said...

Big fan- especially of the free-form shows. Great comments & music mix. Enjoy some of your guests, too. Some not so much. Inspiration challenge is cool, too. Tried it, but I'm not that disciplined. Maybe when I have more time to get serious.

B. Lang said...

Hey AB: Love your show. Thanks for replaying the GREAT Memorial Day kick-off. Cool tunes. Loving your election rants, too. Listen mostly on podcast, but try to catch it live when I can.

Thank you- Bets

none of ur biz said...

#BigStory idea: What's the deal with Trump's hair. Side story: Bernie's hair. You hate them both so go to town. If you weren't such a Hill Shill your show would actually bb almost good. Too many podcasts, too little time. You're not all that.

Syd said...

Just heard your comments about Glenn Beck broadcasting out of his own "oval office" What a wack job. You nailed it. Good show. Keep going. I'll keep listening.