Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Birther' Pains

Lou Dobbs is bad for America's health. The border blasting broadcaster has apparently joined the crazies in the Obama "Birther" movement. On his radio show he almost agreed with a whackadoodle caller who insisted President Obama is not a United States citizen, and therefore anything he does in office is illegal.Dobbs said, "I'm starting to think we have a document problem. You suppose he', I won't use the word "'undocumented'"

Come on, Lou, cash in that one-way ticket to Crazytown. The President was born in Hawaii in 1961. Hawaii was admitted as the 50th state on August 21, 1959. Surely you don't need to be a math whiz to figure out the Prez. made the citizenship grade by nearly two years.I know, I know, you find his birth certificate, which can be viewed online, even on the right wing site, World Net Daily, " peculiar." Something about the raised stamp? You want to see a "long form" certificate. And if he came up with that, you'd need affidavits from dead doctors, dental records, DNA samples and Obama's bronzed baby shoes.

Really you don't want to be like that cuckoo-for-Coco puffs woman who stopped the Castle town meeting in Delaware, waving her own birth certificate in a baggy from the 1950's and a little plastic flag, demanding to get her country back and ordering everyone in the crowd to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, right there and then. Just because it made her feel all warm and patriotic, I guess, as she shouted " he's a Kenyan citizen." The fact that everyone complied is scary. Funny, too, but pretty scary.

There are nutso " Birthers" filing lawsuits, trying to get out of military service. I'm sure some will use Obama's so-called "illegitimate" presidency as an excuse to not pay taxes, to not eat their vegetables or God forbid, stop watching American Idol.

Those of us still exploring life in Saneville know racism is at the cynical, bitter heart of the "Birther" movement. These people just can't accept a Black man as their president. That whack job who killed the poor guard at the Holocaust Museum was one of these nuts. You don' want to be among them, Lou. Really, you don't. Rush, maybe, but not you, Lou. You're not that far gone. Not yet.

And now when America is in the midst of so much economic turmoil, when so many people are really hurting, when we have to tackle big issues like health care reform, job creation, education, not to mention all those pesky global issues,we need voices like yours that had once been strong and clear to empower, encourage and educate. Not to distract, divide, deride.

Return that Crazytown ticket before it's too late, Lou. I'm pretty sure the new health plan won't pay for the extensive psychiatric treatment all these wackos need. Don't be one of them.

Give yourself a good mental floss and come back home.

Drive safe. Play nice. think peace.


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