Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodbye Gumby's Dad

Sir Gumby
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Sorry to note of the passing of Art Clokey. The famed animator, who created Gumby died on January 8 at 89.

Gumby became a beloved character for many late end Boomers and Gen Xers. The loving green oddly shaped bendable "claymation" pioneer remains a cult pop culture icon today. Gumby's distinguishing feature--his oddly curved head-- was an homage to a hairdo Art's father ( who died when Art was only nine) sported.

I loved watching Gumby and his companion horse Pokey as a kid. Yeah, I even admit to loving Davey and Goliath, the oft- lampooned Christian claymation show Art created, too. There is something so profound in the simplicity of the stories, the inherent kindness in the characters. And their creator. Art--who I had a chance to interview on a radio show some years back--was a delightful man, who conquered many obstacles, using his talents to bring joy to millions. Check out the great documentary Gumby Dharma ;released a few years ago, it offers great insights into Art's personal struggles, passion and his spiritual journey.

And oh, what a joyous legacy he left behind.

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of Art Clokey's death. Thank you for the article. I remember Gumby and also enjoyed the stories while growing up.