Friday, January 15, 2010

Late Night Tango

The late night drama's been good for ratings. But no one comes out unscathed in the notorious tango that appears to have Coco exiting--and Jay back behind the Tonight Show desk.Looks like Letterman's having the most fun. For now. All that mean-spirited humor could backfire,Dave. Then again, maybe not. As for the real villain, look to that Ari Fleisher look-alike, NBC Chair Jeff Zucker. Read more details in my latest News Junkie Post piece. And please take the time to "Digg" and Tweet. I mean, if that's your thing. Thanks. BTW: don't forget to check out a slew of other good pieces while you're on the NJP site.
Late Night Tango: Looks like Conan’s Out, Jay’s Back on NBC’s Tonight | NEWS JUNKIE POST

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