Monday, February 8, 2010

Late Night Super Summit

So I didn't go to a Super Bowl party(saved myself something in the neighborhood of 4,500 unnecessary calories). I always manage to dodge those invites... not a big football fan. But had Oprah called, well, I'm pretty sure I could have summoned the interest. Kudos to both Letterman and Leno. Somehow the famous trio managed to keep the spot under wraps and eluded the paparazzi. The back story has Jay arriving last week in a faux mustache and hoodie at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Well, done, folks. Hopefully some hatchets were buried.

I didn't even watch the game. But I pointd my remote in CBS' direction during the halftime show and managed to see a bit of The Who... not bad for geriatric rockers. Guess the 'kids" are still alright.And I'm happy for the Saints who won their first Super Bowl in their 45 year history. Good, too, for the battered city of New Orleans still recovering from Katrina's devastation.

And the commercials have gotten their money's worth....along with the Letterman promo, my fave is the Betty White Snickers ad. Abe Vagoda get a nice little punch out of it, too. Sorry, they pulled the plug on the Betty White spot. Some legal mumbo jumbo. Oh well, hope you got a chance to catch it. In protest, think I'll pass on the Snickers and hit the M&Ms instead. Wait, aren't they made by the same company?

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.



Anonymous said...

This trio certainly was a well-kept secret. I, too hope that hatchets will be buried and that Leno won't be blamed for anything. After all what did he do? Lucinda

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Betty White and Abe Vigoda?
Bless you both! Cynthia