Friday, February 12, 2010

Lover's Dance

The clever Jib Jabbers caught my fancy with this "classic" silent short. Brangelina watch your back... the First Couple could make the screen sizzle and sell their share of popcorn.

BTW:my recent unofficial, unscientific survey of blog hoppers and radio listeners, has candy beating flowers for Valentine's Day gifts. But romantic dinners trump all. And with all his money, Donald Trump better come up with all three (rim shot optional).

All of the above are sweet treats as far as I'm concerned, though I also enjoy teddy bears, books and music. And, fyi, if you're planning on giving your sweetheart a "deferred gift," like say, Broadway show tickets, it's a good idea to actually come up with the goods before the next holiday rolls around. And while you're bestowing imaginary big ticket items, some of us would enjoy an imaginary trip to Paris. Just a suggestion.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Drive safe. Play nice. Think LOVE!


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