Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year: We're Knockin' on a New Decade's Door!

As the Jib Jab geniuses and a few cool cats help us usher in the New Year, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me launch me into cyberspace in 2009. Gratitude goes to Ren and Susie, Betty, Sandy & Mike D--hardcore radio fans all, for nudging me to "Blog, baby, blog." My sister Shana mentioned it once or two hundred times, too. So she deserves a hearty salutation, as well. It has been a true pleasure to re-connect with fans and connect with new friends through Radio Graffiti and its oft-neglected sister site, Scribbler's Folly (that's okay; SF is more evolved and doesn't crave as much attention. But, since clients and students from my other life as a creativity coach have clamored for my wisdom--lol--SF will get some more in 2010).

And thanks to Dolores and Gilbert at News Junkie Post for taking me into their progressive and very cool fold. You can "Digg" my stories at as well as myriad other sites around the web. And "follow" my Tweets. Stay tuned, too, for new adventures in Marconi's box.

And I wish you health and hope, wealth and joy in 2010. Oh, yeah, and no-cal chocolate that tastes like the real deal! And makes you wise and funny, kind and cute the more you eat.

Drive safe. Play nice. Think peace.

See ya next year!


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