Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sock it to "Say No" Joe Lieberman!

Humor is a great weapon. Here the maestros at Move On take aim at Joe Lieberman.
YouTube - Joe Lieberman as a sock puppet! -
But let's remember he can only continue to hold health REFORM hostage if the Senate and Pres. Obama allow it. I'm starting to think Obama ran for President because he was intimidated by ( or lacked the patience for) the legislative "sausage making." He's stayed so far away from the process... and now what's left is a watered down mess that both the left and right can agree to despise. As for Lieberman: think you better see a doctor about your out-sized ego. Good thing you've got health coverage, Senator.

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wHAT A DELIGHTFUL ARTICLE ON THE HOLIDAY MOVIES. My fave is also "Christmas in Connecticut" and you reminded me of "Comfort & Joy" which I haven't seen in years. Thanks for another outstanding article.